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"I have 54 holes on my True Lies Irons. I've taken 8 strokes off my game already. I didn't think any irons were better than my oversize King Cobra Vipers. I have to eat my words. The True Lies go farther with less swing effort. By swinging easy my accuracy has improved. These clubs go higher - go longer, and are more accurate than any clubs I have ever used."
- David B.

"This club has turned a slice into a fade and a hook into a draw. I never knew playing out of the fairway could be so enjoyable."
- Ralph V.

"My Club Pro liked the weight and balance of the Warrior Woods and was happy with the way I was hitting the ball so much better than my old clubs."
- Dorothy J.

  "I really like the 3+ wood. I seem to hit this club very straight as well as farther in distance. I will keep it."
- Jim N.

"I like the look and feel of the irons. I seem to be able to hit them straighter and have more control with them than my previous clubs. I'm looking forward to improving my game this year with my new clubs. My friends were impressed by the looks of the clubs. I played in a ladies tournament in Daytona Beach, Florida this January. It was the first time I attempted to play with the True Lies irons. I was very successful in the tournament. The field was 114 players and I won my flight with low gross of 12 players and I also won "low net of the field." I was very pleased!"
- Frances C.

"From the first shot, these clubs straightened out my shot off the tee and fairway."
- David O.

"I am sorry I waited so long to get a custom set of woods. When I used the new woods I felt I had gone back about 20 years. These are the best buy I have ever made in golf equipment."
- Keith P.

"These are great clubs. I am hitting the 5 wood 25-30 yards further than my old oversize 3 wood."
- Ed C.

"The feel of the clubs seem to give you confidence in your shot. After a bad tee shot I was able to par a par 4 hole using the seven wood to reach the green. Other players impressed with the shot."
- Frank G. 

"I wish to thank Josh for calling me. I give lessons almost every week but I have had the flu bug since I received the 3 wood and have given only 1 - 18 hole playing session. I sure love how I hit it that day. My students will get to try it soon."
- Dale C. 

"The driver +3 wood were the best feeling clubs I've hit in a while. Accuracy was terrific. Fairway bunkers were non-existent with these clubs."
- John S.

"Clubs feel excellent. I get much more distance + they are easy to hit - plan on ordering another!"
- John S.  

"After our phone conversation yesterday, I have decided to purchase the golf clubs that I have been critiquing the past few weeks for the agreed upon purchase price stated by you yesterday. As I stated yesterday I have tried out the clubs and find them very satisfying and they should improve my score. They seem to lift the ball much faster than the clubs I have and also seem to keep my drives much straighter down the fairways. They are also very attractive clubs with the green color your company uses for the shafts."
- Dallas P.  

"I first tried out your 3 & 5 woods at a local public golf course, here in St. Louis. I then took the clubs to my golf course, Hidden Valley Country Club and got a lot more comfortable with them. I did get comments from other club members, like, don't you like your Calloway's anymore? Are you hitting the ball any better? Are you getting straighter and longer hits off the tee and fairway? My response was this was the very first time I responded to a telemarketer and gave my American Express over the phone. As it turned out, it's the best thing I have done in golf equipment in many, many years. I told people I was starting to hit the ball better, straighter and farther than my titanium Calloway woods. I didn't know if I was psyching myself out or what. Well, we just returned from Texas, where we had a great 10 day holiday. I took my clubs and was able to play 3 more times. My confidence is at an all time high and I believe I will keep the True Lies Fairway Woods in my bag permanently. It's killing me to be home with a foot of snow and ice on the ground and not being able to get back out to my golf course. They are predicting 50 degree weather next week and if the greens are not frozen, I will be hitting those True Lie Fairway Woods again. As a 60 year old, that has been playing for 45 years and still have a pretty high handicap, I know 1999 will be the year I break 90 again. Haven't done that in a couple of years now. I want to thank you for that phone call again. Your True Lie Fairway Woods sure has boosted my morale and given me the confidence I had been lacking. Next summer I hope to give you a call and inquire about your irons. Sincerely,"
- B.       

My drives are longer and my iron play has improved immensely. Love the PW/SW. Can only improve. Thanks for the chance on trying these clubs out. I will cherish them for a long time. It is a pleasure to play these clubs
- T. Peaks  

Individual testimonials may be available on request. If we logged every testimonial we got from our satisfied customers we would have to send you a book, then you wouldn't have as much time to golf. :)

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