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" I do have to tell you a tale. When I got on the first tee Saturday morning, I showed my three friends the woods and they laughed. They made the same statement to me that I have to others who have done things that are questionable. YOU’VE BEEN HAD. By the time we got to the back nine, they asked to try my driver and examine the head and shaft. My club making buddy that was there examined the shaft and made the statement, the Harrison shaft is one of the best shafts on the market. They were also making remarks about the distance of my drives and that I was reaching the par fives in two (not on the green) but a lob wedge away on all of the par fives.

To tell you the truth, I was also surprised to be so consistent with clubs I had never used before.

Overall, I have to tell you Jim I really like the new woods and the wedges that you sent me. They are everything you said and I want to thank you for talking me into this. I must confess, after I hung up from speaking with you, I believed this to be a con and I was going to be burnt again. That was not the case and I want to Thank you again."!
- Joseph L

"These clubs and service meet and exceed my expectations..... Thank you Warrior Custom Golf, your product speaks for itself, "outstanding"!
- Donald W

"I appreciate your support during the evaluation process. Your Customer Service has been excellent. The Fairway Woods are the best I’ve ever played."
- Doug M

"...best clubs I’ve used for feel, distance & accuracy."
-Bruce W

"I was able to hit the ball longer and straighter then I ever have. To say I love my new woods is very much an understatement. Thank you for bringing enjoyment back into the game for me!"
- Louis A

"I now feel upset when I am not on the green in 3 on a par 5, because of the accuracy of my 3+ or 5 wood on my second shot."
- Tom C

"I’ve never had clubs made to fit.... it’s a huge difference. Thank you."
- Michael H

"At last, I found my lost woods! I was driving farther and more accurately then I had in years. I’m definitely keeping them!"
- Mark P

"These clubs and a few lessons have knocked 10 strokes from my game. I should have bought a fitted set sooner. I like these clubs over my buddies new Ping set, much better!
-Harold P

"I have never had so much fun playing golf.... I should have had these woods three years ago!"
- Lonnie T

"After only three weeks, I’m convinced your clubs make golf easier.... Thank you."
- Margaret J.

"I love the look and feel of these clubs. I am hitting longer and straighter then ever."
- Charles L

"I couldn’t believe how straight I drove the ball.... Thanks."
- Georgia S

"The first round I played with these new clubs, I had two birdies and an eagle after using the GW on (my) approach shot. Love the look and feel."
- Dave B

"With the addition of your fairway woods (I also use them from the tee) I’ve dropped at least 10 strokes from my total. The forgiving nature of your clubs for a poorly hit ball is amazing."
- Carl K

"My iron shots improved greatly and I am placing the ball on the green more frequently and hitting them farther. The wedges are really holding the green. The woods are giving me more control in the fairway and helping eliminate my slice. People are commenting on my improved game."
- Betty R

"Great fit and control. Much more able to get distance and accuracy from the fairway. Highly recommended."
- Craig K.

"I usually don’t fill these things out because I’m usually not this happy with a product. This club goes farther and most importantly- took away my slice- I love it and owe this glowing evaluation to your company for the confidence your club has allowed me. Thank you so much."
- Kenneth K.

More Testimonials

Individual testimonials may be available on request. If we logged every testimonial we got from our satisfied customers we would have to send you a book, then you wouldn't have as much time to golf. :)

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