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"I felt comfortable using these clubs the very first time. The accuracy and distance control I had were great, and they looked great!"
- Don W.

"I'm hitting the ball much further and has brought my score down 6 strokes on average, clubs feel comfortable."
- James L.

"I have gained roughly 10-20 yards off the tee. My fairway shots are straighter then my old clubs."
- Fred S.

"Love the utility woods....getting more distance then with irons. All my Warrior clubs feel great. They just dropped my handicap 5 strokes."
-Robert S.

"The best wood that I have used, hit further than before."
- Kevin M.

"The nine wood will be the best club in my bag. The new weighted driver has added 20 yards. Your new Lob wedge is the greatest!"
- Theodore I.

"I feel that with these clubs my handicap will come down. This is the first set of custom clubs I have had. I must say I am very impressed."
- Don M.

"Hello 20 yards extra length! Hello 85% fairway hits! Hello golf nirvana! Goodbye over-hyped, over-priced "named" drivers! Goodbye to the search for the perfect driver!"
- Henry J.

"I am 73 years old....I hit this driver like I am 53. My golf buddies can't wait to get one!"
-Stephon T.

"I like the feel of the Warrior woods and I'm anxious to try the irons. I seem to have a little better control with Warrior woods as opposed to my other woods."
- Lee M.

"This is the second driver I have purchased. The driver has been the best purchase I've made over the years."
- Dennis I.

"What can I say? The design technology and performance of my hybrid clubs are awesome! Their overall feel in contributing to the accuracy and distance have immensely improved my game, which makes it all worthwhile."
- William M.

"The customization made my game better then it was. The feel made me trust the clubs, and the outcome was great."
- Salvatore N.

"I love my Warriors!! Thank You!!"
- Luanne J.

"I had my doubts in the beginning but now I'm a "true believer". These clubs are much better than anything I have purchased in the past. I have been telling people for years that "It's not me. it's the clubs" Now I have the proof."
- Michael W.

"You have an excellent product with an even better price."
- Paul H.

"The distance difference of the driver and fairway woods is unbelievably long compared to my old woods! Thank You."
- Dan J.

"I love these clubs....thanks a lot."
- Doug M.

More Testimonials

Individual testimonials may be available on request. If we logged every testimonial we got from our satisfied customers we would have to send you a book, then you wouldn't have as much time to golf. :)

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