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"From the first time I picked up the driver, I thought and felt that it was the most comfortable driver I've ever held. They are so easy to swing, no shock on contact, and straight as an arrow. Also, your hybrids are the best!"
- Stan M.

"I would agree with other testimonials that I have read. These Clubs feel better, look better, and perform better than any otherclubs I have used in my 50 years of golfing."
- Felix G.

"These are the very first set of clubs that I ever bragged about. They have given me the confidence that I will hit a good shot almost every time. I am completely satisfied!"
- William F.

"I am consistently hitting my driver straighter and longer. Fairway woods have always been a problem for me, but the Warrior woods are easy to hit and accurate."
-Carter G.

"The difference of my golf game after Warrior clubs is like night and day. Because I drive a truck for a living, I don't get to play as often as I would like. Your clubs have made the times I do get to play much more enjoyable."
- Tim S.

"I didn't believe it until I swung the driver. The driver immediately added at least 10 yards. My slice disappeared....I nailed the green. The woods responded just as well....unbelievable. My next club will be a Warrior custom club."
- Karen D.

"These clubs are great! I have never had clubs that fit me and the difference it makes is great. I have never hit fairway woods as well as I have with my new ones."
- Dan C.

"These clubs are magical! My first drive went 270 yds when I normally drive 200 yds. The fairway woods went 20-30 yds longer and irons went 10-15 yds longer. All the clubs were straight as an arrow. Thank You."
- Harry B.

"I have been buying Warrior clubs for over 5 years. I would not buy clubs anywhere else. I love the clubs, especially my driver and the hybrids."
-Gene P.

"Best clubs I have tried! Driver is awesome, great distance with great accuracy. My slice has disappeared and I got my first eagle with these clubs. Thanks!"
- Russ T.

"The quality of the woods I received was excellent, as was the fit. I would recommend them to anyone. If I was in the market for a new set of clubs, I would give your irons and hybrids a try before buying any other brand."
- Warren S.

"I can hit! The driver alone put 30 - 40 yards on my distance. The irons have a great weight to them. I would recommend Warrior to anyone! Thanks for giving me a decent game!"
- Nate R.

"The driver was a very good selection for me. Your Warrior driver surprised me on how well it fit. The distance was a real surprise! I had to slow my swing, but that is good."
- Greg H.

"These clubs have given much needed distance without sacrificing accuracy. I have not been able, in the past, to hit fairway woods consistently well. That has changed dramatically with your new woods."
- Ron L.

"You have outdone yourself this time. These are the best clubs you have made yet and I am delighted with their performance. I am hitting greens very consistently with these woods and the fairway performance is excellent."
- Lance T.

"Great set of clubs. Very reasonable prices and extremely forgiving."
- Kurt N.

"Each time I use the clubs they just get better and better! This is the first time I have used clubs made for me. I will, and have, praised your clubs and will do so for as long as I use them."
- Tom C.

"I'm still in the first years of playing golf, but the set has given me a huge confidence boost. I would like to thank all the people involved."
- John H.

More Testimonials

Individual testimonials may be available on request. If we logged every testimonial we got from our satisfied customers we would have to send you a book, then you wouldn't have as much time to golf. :)

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